Filming in UAE

If you are planning to film a project in UAE, our dedicated team can assist you in completing the legal requirements (govt. permissions etc.). We can also help you in arranging the required equipment (cameras, lightening, transportation etc.) for your project in UAE at a very reasonable cost. Just write to us with your requirements and details of the project and we will get back to you with the best quote.


Can you arrange Dubai filming permission for me?

Yes we can. In this regard following documents from client are required:

  1. A letter from client saying they are commissioning us to work with them,
  2. Passport copies of all crew coming to UAE.
  3. Details of locations you would like to film at in UAE
  4. Permissions processes may change from time to time so please get in touch with us for latest requirements.

Script/Treatment clearance requirements:
All scripts, treatments, storyboards, and series synopsis need to be approved by the National Media Council in advance of any production.
Duration: depends on the size of the treatment – average of 2 to 3 weeks.

Public and Private Ground permits requirements: 
Complete ground filming permit application and submit. To film in private locations such as residential properties, you will need to apply directly to the property owner to obtain written permission.

Duration: average of 15 to 20 working days

Aerial permit requirements: 
Complete aerial filming permit application and submit.

Duration: average of 25 to 30 working days

Non-wireless equipment

Complete Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) type approval form and customs clearance form and submit.
Duration: 5 working days

Wireless equipment
Complete TRA type approval form and customs clearance form and submit.
Duration: 5 working days

Do I need filming permission to enter at UAE airports?

Generally no, but its better to have a filming permit issued before you enter UAE and its print out is kept with the Cameraman all the time.

How long does Dubai filming permission processing take?

After submission of payments and required documents it takes minimum 03 working days to complete the process.

Can you arrange Aerial filming permission for me?

Yes we can, this does however take longer than filming permission (around two weeks for Dubai and four weeks for Abu Dhabi), and requires permission from each location that client wishes to film directly. A UAE government liaison shall be in the helicopter to ensure that no restricted areas are filmed, and all footage is to be supplied to them on landing on a hard drive.

How much does a Dubai filming permit cost?

For up to 30 days of filming the government cost is 2500 dirhams for public areas, plus a Film and Television processing fee of 500 dirhams. The fee doesn’t include our administrative charges and are subject to change.

Can you arrange Dubai filming permission for me as an agent?

No. Any shoot that happens on our trade license is our responsibility, and we therefore have to have our staff working with you on a shoot to do the application.

How much does it cost to film in Burj Khalifa?

All private areas in Dubai require permission from the landowners themselves to film. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, the Springs, the Greens, Emirates Hills and many others are owned by Emaar; The Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers, Madinat Jumeirah and many other Dubai landmarks are owned by Jumeirah Group. Both require full Dubai Filming Permission before they will be able to permit you to film on their property. Costs can vary and they may deny your request depending on their schedule, your content, and the benefit of the shoot to their brand.

Does Dubai have Carnet?

Yes it does, there is a carnet processing area just to the left when you enter customs at Dubai International Airport T3, or on the right opposite baggage reclaim in T1. This has opening times, and an additional fee to process outside these times.

Can I bring my medication in through Dubai Airport?

Make sure that you have every prescription for any medication that you are bringing into Dubai airport, and that you have nothing that is on the list of banned substances for the UAE.

Can we just get a 5D and film guerilla-style?

We wouldn't recommend it, the UAE has strict media laws, and filming without permission is not a good idea.

What equipment can you arrange for us?

Please provide us a list of equipment you require and we will send you a quotation of rental charges.

What kit can we hire in UAE?

UAE hosts international film crews from everywhere. Send us a kit list and we will source everything you required.

What crew/cast are available in UAE?

We can arrange crew/cast of any type/nationality based on your requirements.

Do you have sound recordists available?

Yes, but they are quite limited in numbers so please ensure you book in time if you require a soundman on your shoot.


Courtesy: film-me